European Social Networks and European Web 2.0 tools


These are some leading European Social Networks, as described by their own creators: “ is a site, which gathers people belonging to a closed community, in which you may find your friends and collegues – and they may find you! Our system registers your contacts and shows who – through your existing contacts – may become your friend, and which is the shorthest path between you in the chain of friends. At the same time, you have as much privacy as you want – you decide which data or personal information you want to show the others. To register in our community you have to have an invitation from someone who is already our member.” “portal de joburi, matrimoniale, cluburi, network, stiri, anunturi, publicitate, catalog, jocuri multiplayer, hosting, monitor, albume foto, content mobil si multe alte produse si servicii online pentru consumatori si firme.” More or less: portal for work, weddings, clubs, sites, classifieds, etc.

NetLog: “Netlog is an online social portal specifically targeted at the European youth. It is developed by Netlog NV, the Belgium-based publisher of popular online social media. Netlog has more than 26.2 million members throughout Europe. Netlog is currently available in eight languages – English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian and Romanian – with all other European languages to be added in the near future. n Netlog, members can create their own web page, extend their social network, publish their music playlists, share photos and videos, post blogs, join groups called ‘clans’ and much more. It is thus the ultimate tool for young Europeans to connect and communicate with their social network.”

Read the full story on the Web 2.0 in Europe blog. Get in touch with other Web 2.0 users on the European social network: social media in Europe.

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