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What is Web 2.0? Nowadays, almost everything is “tagged” as Web 2.0. Companies, sites, ideas, etc. So, as teh old saying goes, if everything was Web 2.0,  then nothing would be Web 2.0. Web 2.0 refers to a generation of internet applications. The ones shifting the importance from the server and the “deux ex-machina” content […]

These are some leading European Social Networks, as described by their own creators: “ is a site, which gathers people belonging to a closed community, in which you may find your friends and collegues – and they may find you! Our system registers your contacts and shows who – through your existing contacts – […]

Web 2.0 en Francais – Merci Open Directory 🙂 Web 2.0 in Europe blog. et European social network. Topics:<strong>Web 2.0, </strong> AccessOWeb le Blog – Interview, tests, billets rédigés à plusieurs mains autour de l’utilisation des services 2.0. Alterclickr – Marc Thouvenir présente son appproche personnelle du web 2.0 et de l’évolution de l’internet. Esclavage […]

A Mashup is an applications combining and merging information in ways which may, or may be not, be the ones intendend by the site(s) where the information where collected in the first place. With mashups, the focus shifts from the application to the information which populate it. To make it brief: information rule 🙂 Hip-hop […]